5 Reasons To Use Respite Care At St Louis On Sea This Winter

5 Reasons To Use Respite Care At St Louis On Sea This Winter

There are many people in our community (almost 3 million in Australia) caring for an elderly parent while juggling family and work commitments. Many of these informal carers are doing it on their own without any outside help, and this can have an impact on their health and wellbeing.

If you are currently caring for a relative, you are not alone if you are feeling caregivers’ guilt or exhausted about continuing to provide the quality of care needed when you’re looking after someone who relies on your unconditional kindness and patience.

Respite care will help you. The occasional time out, for both you and your loved one, will help you recharge, with benefits to your loved one as well. Imagine winter days with sun streaming in through wide front windows, or cold rainy ones looking out over the sea from inside a warm home. This is what St Louis On Sea offers. Read on to find out more.

1. Respite care gives you an opportunity to look after your own health and wellbeing

About 70% of carers who already use respite care use this time to look after their own health and wellbeing. A break from your role as primary carer so that you can catch up with household duties, work commitments or to spend more time with your family, will benefit everyone.

2. It will help you sustain your caring role for the long term

Your caring role may continue for many years to come. By being able to regularly access some respite care for a few nights or a couple of weeks, you will be able to sustain your caring role for the long term.

Once you’ve got to know us and the residence in Victor Harbor, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can reach out to a trusted group of carers when you need them. We embrace this responsibility for the people who visit St Louis On Sea, and our commitment is to care for your loved one just like you do.

3. You can go away on a holiday with peace of mind

The carers at St Louis On Sea love their work in caring for the elderly and actively support creating dementia-friendly communities. We want you to take a holiday with your family or friends with a peaceful heart and mind, knowing your parent is in safe, caring and experienced hands.

Sherrill Bickmore is a Registered Nurse at St Louis in Victor Harbor and she shares our Montessori approach to aged care and dementia care.

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4. Your parent will enjoy their holiday break too

Our clients have told us that St Louis On Sea feels like a holiday. It’s located across the road from the beach, with wide windows to enjoy the winter sunshine or look out over the sea on rainy days. It smells and feels like a traditional Australian home. Our clients do what they want to do every day while we encourage them to contribute and participate in daily household activities. We have BBQ’s and other social events, we take strolls down along the beach and visit many of the nature reserves on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

5. Your parent will meet new people and learn new things

We encourage Active Living - participating in daily life and being actively involved in a home environment, not just getting cared for. This includes shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening and other daily tasks that bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose in a traditional home.

Our staff take a Montessori based approach to caring for people.

Regardless of age or ability, our residents can learn a new skill, remember old ones and contribute to the daily activities in the home as if it were their own. We have several heart-warming stories of residents who have stayed with us for short term respite care, contributed and participated in activities with other residents, and returned to their families feeling like they’ve also had a holiday break.

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Phone us to find out more about respite care at St Louis On Sea

St Louis On Sea has eight luxuriously appointed and spacious single rooms all with en-suites. Residents will enjoy warm winter days with lovely views, access to three living areas, a large open kitchen and a generous outdoor space.

  • All single rooms with en-suite
  • Absolute beachfront luxury
  • Ultimate comfort and security
  • 24-hour personalised care and support
  • Specialising in dementia and respite care

Talk to us about respite care for your parent and how a home care package can be used for arranging respite care. We can also organise a visit to St Louis On Sea if you would like. Call us on 08 8332 0950 for a confidential conversation about yours and your parent’s needs.