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5MU Interview with Dani McKenna: A Fresh Perspective on Aged Care Comfort - St Louis on Sea

Recently, Dani McKenna, St Louis Aged Care’s Business Development Manager and Registered Nurse, was interviewed by Jennie Lenman on 1125 5MU. They discussed St Louis on Sea, our new shared home in Victor Harbor which embraces an innovative and fresh approach to looking after people who are ageing or living with dementia.

St Louis on Sea was created to provide 24x7 personalised care in a home that feels like a family home. A normal day can include contribution and daily participation in household activities such as helping with cooking, cleaning or simply deciding what to watch on TV or choosing where to go for a walk.

This small 8-bed shared home is located across the road from the beach, is luxuriously appointed and provides residents with 24-hour access to personalised care. The carers adopt the Montessori approach which aims to stimulate and encourage continuous learning regardless of age and ability.

The interview went on to address these main points:

Montessori aged care

The Montessori approach to aged care is to support a natural love of learning, supporting and encouraging people to explore and learn new things.

“Family members of our residents have told us their loved ones have improved since they’ve been here, because they’re encouraged to participate in daily activities of working and living in a normal family home – preparing the meal, hanging out the washing and more,” says Dani McKenna.

Purposeful living in a home like environment

Life takes on new meaning for people who are living at St Louis on Sea and the life they lead there makes a huge difference to their wellbeing. “It doesn’t matter what age or condition, people can still learn even if they have dementia or other challenging conditions, when they are given additional care and support to do so.”

St Louis on Sea was developed with the needs of people who are ageing or living with dementia in mind, providing an environment that is a normal, in a traditional Australian home.

“Unlike larger nursing homes where people must fit into schedules, in a smaller living environment our residents set their own routines just like home – they sleep in if they want to, they have breakfast at 10am if they choose, they don’t have to fit in to a traditional nursing home timetable.”

The evidence is already there, even though St Louis on Sea has only been open for a few weeks. “One of our residents was previously living in a traditional nursing home and was rapidly losing his interest in living. He has advancing dementia and his family were struggling with his decline. Together they made the decision to move him to St Louis on Sea, and since then he has thrived, is doing very well and is much happier.”

Respite care is available at St Louis on Sea

St Louis on Sea is also available for respite care when family carers need a break or people need some additional help after a hospital stay. Sometimes respite care can be a good way evaluate whether St Louis on Sea will be the home of your choice.

Make an enquiry about St Louis on Sea

To find out more about St Louis on Sea, give us a call on 08 8552 1481 to discuss permanent care or a temporary stay for respite care at St Louis on Sea. You are welcome to visit - call us to arrange a time to view this beautiful shared home.