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A career in aged care in Victor Harbor – here’s why you’ll get the rewards you seek

If you’re thinking of a career in aged care in Victor Harbor, there are many reasons why this is a great idea which we want to share with you. Caring for others is rewarding work and with St Louis’ 70+ years experience in aged care, we’re one of the most reputable and quality aged care organisations in South Australia.

Victor Harbor is a lovely seaside town just over one hour from Adelaide. St Louis provides home care to the local residents on the Fleurieu and we recently opened a shared home which offers Montessori-based aged care called St Louis on Sea. This luxurious state of the art residence is a small 8-bedroom shared home each with a private ensuite and is located across the road from the beach.

We support the concept of Active Living which is our approach to providing personalised and tailored care for people who are ageing or who are living with dementia. This approach encourages people to get involved in daily living, just like they would at home.

If you’re thinking of living and working in aged care in Victor Harbor, here’s why St Louis will give you the rewards you seek.

Victor Harbor is a small community

Victor Harbor is a personable and small community and many people know each other. We’ve been here for decades so we are well connected to the local community. If you want to develop a sense of community and belonging, this town is an ideal place to foster wonderful connections.

The location

The location is stunning, on a beautiful coastline with bushlands behind us. There is an abundance of fresh air, flora and fauna. It’s peaceful and serene and close to many other beautiful towns on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

We’re in the middle of town so drop in for a cup to tea

Our home care office is located in the middle of town so we encourage our home care clients as well as people making enquiries about home care services to drop in for a cup of tea. The office has a welcoming vibe and we enjoy the community atmosphere.

Educating the local community in aged and dementia care

We spend time with the local people and businesses educating them about developing dementia friendly communities. We know many local businesses, so we are finding they want to support our cause as they too care about their small community.

Smaller and local team

We are local and employ local people. We work with the support of our Adelaide head office, and they help us to be accountable and take ownership to provide the best care in our community. We work well as a team and love the work we do. It’s rewarding to know we are making such a difference to so many people here.

The Fleurieu is beautiful to visit with clients

We are known for our social programs, we strive to provide the best opportunities to meet the needs of our clients. We’re blessed with many beautiful places to visit on the Fleurieu and the bus trips are fun, chatty and connecting. The scenery is stunning from bush to beach and along the way there are many wonderful places for our clients to eat at, drink and visit.

Growing industry, you will always have work

Our population is getting older and the over 65 year olds will outnumber the under 15 year olds by 2030, and this will be a first in Australia. There will be plenty of work in the future for aged care workers and especially in Victor Harbor which has a higher percentage of people retiring by the sea.

Be part of the St Louis family - a small team spirit in a 70+ year old aged care organisation

Even though our business is more than 70 years old, we have maintained our small team spirit. We are known to lead the way with innovation, creating outcomes in aged care which improve the lives of our clients. St Louis on Sea is an example of this.

The people that work here feel a part of the St Louis family. We foster connection and collaboration in our culture and are always willing to listen to suggestions and recommendations from our staff.

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Call us to discuss why a career in aged care might be perfect for you

Please feel free to contact our home care team in Victor Harbor on 8552 1481 to discuss why a career in aged care might work for you. We’re here to answer your questions or can you find out more about open positions in aged care here.