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Supporting the Victor Harbor Art Show and now running Art Therapy classes

Every year St Louis Aged Care sponsors The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor’s Annual Art Show which is now in its 42nd year! The Art Show is Australia’s largest outdoor art exhibition and continues to break records with visitors and sales. It’s become an integral part of Victor Harbor’s annual cultural celebrations.

As members of the local community, our team at Victor is proud to have supported this event for many years and we’re sponsoring it again in January 2021. The Art Show is a true collaborative project between all ages and people in the local community – it’s an inter-generational event that unites people for the common purpose of sheer pleasure!

The event also successfully raises money for local, national and overseas artistic projects. As active members of the local community, we value being able to contribute to important events in Victor Harbor such as this one.

Art as a form of expression provides pleasure to the recipient, but it can also be a creative outlet and self-discovery process for the artist themselves. We’ve been running art therapy classes in Adelaide for many years and both residents and home care clients love them. We’re pleased to announce we’re now offering art therapy classes to Victor Harbor home care clients and residents


Art therapy for Victor Harbor home care clients

Art therapy is different to a normal art class in that it encourages and values the process of self-discovery and self-expression rather than creating a defined piece of art. Art therapyArt therapy is a process that uses art as a therapy, helping people to gain deeper insights into themselves. Clients enjoy the process. They find it relaxing, engaging and a safe space to express feelings in a simpler and more direct way than therapies which require talking. 

Our home care clients have given us some positive feedback already and have experienced many benefits:

  • Art therapy is good outlet for expressing what’s going on for them at the time
  • Clients get the opportunity to connect with their inner artist which they may not have ever done before
  • It provides social pleasure and connecting with a group who have a common purpose
  • It helps people make new friends
  • It helps people relax and talk about their feelings
  • It encourages people to have a go at something new
  • It’s nurturing and a safe space for people to share thoughts, feelings and tell stories about their life’s adventures 

Unlike a structured art class, art therapy is free flowing and provides the environment to express what people want to make or create on the day. We offer a variety of materials including natural objects such as leaves, twigs, flowers along with paint, glue and other mediums to create anything you like.

We end up with paintings, 3D sculptures and much more, anything goes! The conversation that goes with it is just as interesting. People are relaxed and enjoy the debrief. We look forward to the journey every time we begin an art therapy class.


Art Therapy can be funded through your home care package

It’s never too late to become an artist and a free flowing art therapy class is a good place to begin. 

If you’re thinking about home care in Victor Harbor,  give us a call on 8552 1481 to discuss a home care package and other care options available to you.

Home care will help you stay at home safely and comfortably, and live the life you want to live with purpose and joy. With our help, you can make the most of these years - there is still plenty to discover, people to meet and things to do. For a taste of what home care can do for you, have a look at our home care social programs calendar here.