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The benefits of choosing a local home care provider in Victor Harbor

If you’re thinking about home care for yourself or a loved one in Victor Harbor, there are benefits to choosing a local provider. St Louis Home Care has been providing home care services to the Victor Harbor community since 2016, and we’re immersed in the local community’s arts, events and business activities.

Our home care clients benefit from our close connections in the local community, and we enjoy many of these events and activities together.

A solid social structure and community support improves wellbeing

Our approach to caring for older Australians is to support them to live a life that is more enjoyable and fulfilling than they would have otherwise, and this involves developing community support and a social structure to help people feel connected and engaged in their local communities.

Even though physical health and wellbeing are essential for healthy ageing, we also know that feeling connected to the community we live in has a larger impact than sometimes considered. The world’s oldest and healthiest people live in communities identified as Blue Zones , and there are several reasons for their longevity - community engagement, social structure and good friends being key factors.

At St Louis home care in Victor Harbor, we aim to help develop this for each of our clients and we can offer this through our connections and local presence.

Our long history with Victor Harbor

With our long history in Victor Harbor, we’re an integral part of the local community. We’re involved in local community activities, we sponsor events such as the art show and the Christmas parade, we’re also involved in local business development. We love Victor Harbor, it’s close to our hearts and we have had a long history with family holidays dating back to the 1980’s.

Our social programs are well known in Victor Harbor with well attended events and activities that our home care clients look forward to. We are grateful and honoured to have seen our clients form new friendships, allowed their creative instincts flourish through art and craft classes, and who are generally happier simply because they feel more supported and connected.

Some of the social events we organise in Victor Harbor

Art therapy – we explore art as a channel for self expression and for just pure enjoyment. These classes are held at St Louis on Sea, overlooking the beach.

Pennylane Patchwork – for anyone who likes sewing, craft and quilting, we get together regularly.

Scones, coffee and a chat – we visit different cafes every week and these are a wonderful way to relax and get to know other locals.

Hydrotherapy classes – great for fitness but lots of fun too.

Men’s space – held at St Louis on Sea just for men to chat and connect over a BBQ.

Bus trips – we make the most of the region and get out regularly on bus trips in the area with a stop for lunch at a favourite hotel or restaurant.

Local Victor Harbor events – we’re involved in local events such as the Christmas parade, art shows and other events. We also sponsor some of the local events.

We’re located in the centre of town in Victor Harbor

Our office is located in the centre of town, at 31 Victoria Street, Victor Harbor. Pop in and make a time for a face to face appointment with one of our home care services coordinators to discuss how you might like to use home care to help you live a better life in Victor Harbor. We understand the needs of people in rural and remote areas, and we’re closely connected to activities in Victor Harbor and the wider Fleurieu Peninsula.

We’ll take a look at the documentation you’ve probably already received from the government about getting some help at home and will help you make sense of it all along with explaining your home care options. Pop in or give us a call on 8552 1481.