Meet David who has a Level 3 Home Care Package in Encounter Bay

Level 3 Home Care provides intermediate care needs

David has built physical strength and confidence again after an accident

David who is 79, had always been a fit and active person and loved living in Encounter Bay with his wife Isabelle. They would often start their day together with a stroll down the esplanade or a walk around Granite Island. 

Due to an unfortunate accident, David’s strength and mobility had declined greatly, and prevented him from doing the things he loved. His wife was quite concerned about him as she knew he was happier when he was active. He was beginning to lose confidence that he would ever return to good physical condition and enjoy walks with his wife again.

Isabelle decided to get some help for David before he deteriorated any further, so she dropped into our office in Victor Harbor. She had many questions about the different levels of packages, and how they would help her husband to build strength and condition again. She asked about our physiotherapy services and pain management. Isabelle began the application process for home care on her husband’s behalf and with our help. 

David was approved for a Level 3 home care package which began eight months after the application was submitted.

How home care helped David

Since starting his home care package with St Louis Home Care, David has been supported by a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist on a weekly basis. He participates in the falls and balance class every week and is now enjoying his walks on the beach and Granite Island again with his wife and the St Louis social group! His mobility and confidence have both increased and his risk of falls has significantly reduced.

How to apply for a Level 3 Home Care Package

We can help you apply for a home care package and we’d recommend you start the application process sooner than later. It can take up to eighteen months for a home care package to be allocated. The first step to apply for a home care package is to arrange an ACAT Assessment. Whether you want basic care such as help with shopping and cooking to high level care with medical support or dementia care, a home care package will help you live independently in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Home care can be used in many ways including improving your physical health and wellbeing with a customised program. Drop in for a cup of tea and a chat and meet our friendly home care team at 31 Victoria Street, Victor Harbor. Or phone us on 8552 1481 for a confidential and no obligation chat to explore all your options about your care needs.  

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