Meet Lily who has a Level 4 Home Care Package in Victor Harbor

Level 4 Home Care provides high care needs

Lily’s daughter Karen who cares full time for her Mum, is relieved to have respite support

Lily is now 85 and has been living in Victor Harbor since she was married at the age of 25. Lily has dementia and mostly lives with her daughter Karen who loves her mother and enjoys looking after her. The two have a special bond but at times Karen felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a full time carer. She also admitted that she struggled with a sense of caregivers guilt, which is completely natural.

Karen called the St Louis home care team to find out how she could continue to care for her mother but with some extra help and occasional respite care. We guided Karen through the home care application process and Lily was approved for a Level 4 home care package in early 2020.

How home care helped Lily

Lily’s home care package now allows her to spend time at St Louis on Sea for three days a week of respite care. St Louis on Sea is a beautiful and small shared home across the road from the beach in Victor Harbor. Residents and visitors are encouraged to get involved in every day talks just like they would at home. 

Since Lily has been attending St Louis on Sea’s respite care, she’s made new friends and enjoys cooking new recipes. She looks forward to her visits. Karen is now able to catch up with friends and family knowing that her mum is being well looked after. 

Lily has also stayed at St Louis on Sea for a week’s respite, which enabled Karen to attend her granddaughters wedding interstate. Karen loves the location of St Louis on Sea and said the care couldn’t be better. Both mum and daughter are doing very well with some extra help.

How to apply for a Level 4 Home Care Package

If you feel a loved one may be needing help down the track, it’s never too late to start planning ahead. A home care package can take up to eighteen months to be allocated so it’s a good idea to start the application process and we can help you. The first step is to arrange an ACAT Assessment

You can bring your home care package with you to St Louis on Sea. St Louis on Sea offers respite care and dementia care in a state of the art facility, on the beachfront in Victor Harbor. 

Whether Home care might just be the little bit of extra help you need to be happier at home. Let us help you. Call the St Louis Home Care team in Victor Harbor today on 8552 1481 for a confidential and no obligation chat to explore all your options about your care needs.  Or you can drop in for a cup of tea and a chat. We’re located centrally at 31 Victoria Street, Victor Harbor.

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